Specialists in recalibration of ADAS technology

We assist in professional recalibrating of ADAS systems quickly and safely for our customers.

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  • 24 Hour Turn Around*
  • Most Vehicle Makes/Models
  • Recalibration Certificate Provided

Increase Driving Safety With An ADAS Recalibration

ADAS safety measures are vitally important in saving lives, so it’s crucial the technology is calibrated correctly and works properly.

A slightly misaligned camera could jeopardise the functionality of the ADAS system and lead to dangerous driving, worse accidents and expensive insurance claims.

Independent vehicle repairers cannot calibrate or validate the accuracy of ADAS systems, putting you and your passangers at great risk.

Through our ADAS recalibration service, your customer’s vehicle will be safe to use and your business will be protected from potential legal action.

Certified ADAS Recalibration Service

We increase driving safety for you and everyone on the road with our professional ADAS recalibration service.

ADAS Diagram

  • We can can service any make/model of vehicle with a professional ADAS recalibration service.
  • We’ll even provide a recalibration certificate so that you can drive away knowing your vehicle is completely safe.
  • Our expertise and state-of-the-art recalibration equipment ensure your vehicle is safe and you and your passangers are protected.
  • We give you continuous support and advice on the after care of your professional ADAS recalibration service.

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Our Simple Process

  1. Contact our experts

    Call on 07 5522 0115 to book in your customers vehicle with an ADAS recalibration expert.

  2. Bring the vehicle to our workshop

    Need it fixed today? No problem! Bring the vehicle to our workshop in Burleigh Heads.

  3. Pick up the recalibrated vehicle

    Return in 24 hours* to pick up the recalibrated vehicle with an official certificate of recalibration.

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About ARC

Our trained technicians are certified to diagnose and recalibrate ADAS technology.

With over 50 years’ combined experience in the automotive industry, your vehicle is in good hands.

Our state-of-the-art equipment restores and recalibrates ADAS systems according to their manufacturer specifications.

We can perform both static and dynamic calibration services, depending on the requirements of the vehicle. Some vehicles may require both static and dynamic recalibration.

  • Any Vehicle Make/Model.
  • 24-hour Turnaround*
  • Gold Coast Company.
  • Certificate of Recalibration provided.
  • Certified Technicians.
  • and more..

 Increase the driving safety for you and everyone on the road with a certified ADAS calibrations expert.

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When ADAS Recalibration is Necessary

According to vehicle manufacturers, if your vehicle is equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature, recalibration is required for all of these instances:

  • Following windshield replacement.
  • Following a change in tires, ride height or wheel alignment.
  • Following a collision repair.
  • Following replacement of a faulty camera.
  • After an airbag has deployed.
  • Any of your ADAS lights are on/flashing codes.
  • Following a suspension repair.
  • If an ADAS camera has been disconnected while undergoing work.
  • Following a front-end alignment.
  • Following replacement of the vehicle’s ECM (Engine Control Module), PCM (Powertrain Control Module), or ECU (Engine Control Unit).

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